Sonic Traces from the Arab World.
[LP Vinyl]

By Norient

This limited mix-version of «Sonic Traces: From the Arab World» offers music, sounds and noises from the Arab World: Propaganda music by political groups and clans, psychedelic Arabic Rock from the late 1960s and 1970s, the noises of bombs and machine guns, synthesized Electro-Sha'bi from Cairo, old and rare shellac recordings, Death Metal, Rap, Electro-Acoustic Music, and Musique Concrète. Collected and mixed by the Norient collective – Thomas Burkhalter, Simon Grab and Michael Spahr.

Listen to musicians and scholars discussing identity, life visions and traumatic war experiences in the full-version of «Sonic Traces: From the Arab World» – Download with Download Code via

Norient – Network für Local and Global Sounds and Media Culture

Since 2002, the internationally active association Norient – network for local and global sounds and media culture – has been working interdisciplinary at the interfaces of music and society, journalism, science and blog-culture.
Norient is an innovative network for music and cultural promotion, exchange and intermediation, treating subjects of globalisation and digitalisation for a broad international audience. Core pieces are the Norient on-line magazine, together with Norient publications and releases. In 2009, Norient won the music-mediation award of the Canton of Bern. The core-team of Norient lives and works in Bern and Zurich.

Der international tätige Verein Norient – Network for Local and Global Sounds and Media Culture – arbeitet seit 2002 interdisziplinär an den Schnittstellen von Musik und Gesellschaft, Journalismus, Wissenschaft und Blog-Kultur. Kernstücke von Norient sind das Onlinemagazin, das Norient Musikfilm Festival und die audio-visuellen Performances Sonic Traces: From the Arab World und Sonic Traces: From Switzerland. Norient produziert zudem eine monatliche Radiosendung auf Radio Bern RaBe.


LP Vinyl
[Norient 013]
ISBN 978-3-906012-06-3
EUR 16.- / CHF 20.-